Shoes Pig Skin

Vans Shoes / 12 September, 2019

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Manufacturers of Kickers shoes admit one of their products is made from pigskin.Website QQIBS Terpercaya . However, Kickers said it was a pioneer as a company that provides protection for Muslim consumers in Indonesia.

“Kickers shoes have included a sticker that reads ‘Pig Lining’ meaning that the layer of skin in the shoe is made of pigskin,” Ikhsan Abdullah, as attorney for PT Mahkota Petriedo Perkasa, told, Tuesday (12/25/2012).

According to Ikhsan, before his client marketed the shoes, his party had communicated with MUI. During the meeting, he requested that the halal label not only focus on food products, but also use products.

Kickers wants to start by labeling ‘Pig Lining’ on products made from pigskin. “MUI in its letter dated October 30, 2012 has given appreciation for the good intentions of our clients,” he said.