Old Skool Vans is indeed much loved by young people especially old people

Vans / 3 May, 2020

Vans Old Skool memanglah banyak digandrungi oleh anak muda

Old Skool Vans is indeed much loved by young people especially old people – This sneakers, valued at close to 1 million, is a recent event for fans of Vans branded sneakers.

Old Skool Vans were first made and introduced by Vans in 1977, and the first designs are similar to those scattered today, with distinctive white lines twisting on the right and left sides, with ties and white patterned soles and dominated by dark patterns.

This shoe is very well known in Indonesia until this time, from sneakers enthusiasts to the ordinary people who wear it every day, of course know with shoes that become this symbol.

How can the Old Skool Vans shoes become very famous in Indonesia? What makes Vans Old Skool shoes so famous?

1. Unisex

Old Skool Vans shoes are shoes that are not limited to sex and suitable for use by men and women are nothing else.

Starting from Harry Styles to Kylie Jenner also had time to wear these shoes.

These shoes are also widely used by students on campus and are not limited to sex, many women are fond of these Old Skool Vans shoes.

2. In accordance with the entire outfit

Old Skool Vans are the type of shoes that is suitable for various types of outfits.

Old Skool never goes wrong like that, said a young child about these shoes, meaning that it is not wrong to wear these shoes with any outfit that is good with jeans, dress and especially a jacket or blazer.

3. Do not have time left behind

Vans Old Skool (fashionbeans)

Old Skool Vans was first published in 1977, just observe, for more than 40 years these shoes are being sought after by young children ages young to old.

Ashley Ahwah, Elder Director of Product Merchanding Vans Outline said that the progress of Old Skool was very unusual especially in the last few years.