Raise Local Craftsmen This Brand Creates Contemporary Classic Shoes

Shoes / 9 May, 2020

Raise Local Craftsmen, This Brand Creates Contemporary Classic Shoes

Raise Local Craftsmen, This Brand Creates Contemporary Classic Shoes

Local brands seem increasingly skyrocketed and triumphed in their own country. Especially with the emergence of social media and various market places that help the practicality of selling and promoting.

One of the local products that enliven the fashion market in the country, namely the local footwear product Pix Footwear made in Indonesia, precisely in Jakarta.

By following fashion trends and finding inspiration in classic, contemporary designs that are easy to mix every day. In addition, this brand also values ​​local craftsmen and their environment, so that they produce shoes that are comfortable only with the best materials.

“Realizing the needs of the Indonesian people, we realize that the need for casual shoes that help women out there appear confident and professional,” said Pixfootwear CEO Celine Purnawan, Jakarta, Wednesday (4/15/2020).

Since 2018
Design and comfort are also key factors and guidelines in each manufacturing process.

“To make consumers not bored, we diligently put out the latest shoe series,” he continued.

The uniqueness is also poured in products that have been present since 2018 in the selection of diverse materials, such as faux leather, jeans and satin. Selling the value of this uniqueness, Pix sells its shoes starting from Rp. 360,000 – Rp. 549,000.

In the upcoming Ramadan 2020, Pix will collaborate with the famous hijab brand, Scarvina.