Vans ‘Old Skool’ Success Becomes The Most Democratic Shoe in the World

Vans Shoes / 12 September, 2019

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Old Skool Vans series which is plain maybe only priced at $ 60 (equivalent to Rp800 thousand). Who would have thought, this iconic sneakers has charm beyond class boundaries. Website Bandar Togel313 Terpercaya.These shoes can be found in the closet of a kismin skate kid to the elite of the fashion world who are familiar with paparazzi. When stylish criteria — including those in streetwear fanatics — are measured in terms of ownership of items that no one else can buy, the Old Skool’s mass appeal feels like fresh air breaking through the sacred boundaries of the fashion world. Old Skool is still cool to have, even though it can be bought by anyone.

One thing that makes Van Old Skool popular with everyone is triggered by one of the following factors: these shoes are easy to get. From 19-year-old fashion conscious students to the most famous rapper under the universe. Vans products are items that you can buy from a shoe store without having to spend a lot of money. Interestingly, at certain moments, the popularity of these sneakers not only stopped at retail stores but also reached the catwalk. Last time, Vans Old Skool appeared in the presentation of the Spring / Summer fashion show Off-White and until now the sneaker is still often found wrapping the legs of the streetwear elite in any hemisphere.

So, the question: What is the story about Vans Old Skool so famous?

This shoe was born from graffiti made by Vans co-founder, Paul Van Doren. Old Skool was the first sneakers to install the Vans iconic silhouette on the outer panel of the shoe. These characteristics would later become markers of other Vans sneakers. When first marketed in 1977, the curve of the skin was given the name “jazz stripe” before then more famous by the name “sidestripe” among Vans enthusiasts. Combined with a low cut design, soft leather shoe heels, and smooth suede panels, the style of this sneakers has barely shifted for 40 years. However, if you have time to browse vintage Vans ads from company archives, you are almost impossible to find the name Old Skool in it. Naturally, because at that time the legendary sneakers was known as ‘Syle 36’, a brand of shoes that are still remembered by the United States skaters throughout the 1970s.